Monday, July 2, 2012

coming home

Well, here we go again.

I used to be quite the avid blogger, sharing the most intimate details of my life with anyone out there in internet land. Once I met my husband my interest in all things internet waned and my urge to blog disappeared. Lately I've been thinking about how much I enjoyed it. I love writing - anything really - and once upon a time entertained thoughts of trying to actually write a book. I'm not quite at that point yet, but I've decided that it is time to start doing something. So voila, a blog by me.

I can guarantee that I will no longer be sharing super intimate details of my life. And I cannot guarantee that I will be particularly amusing or interesting. I am attempting to learn my way around the kitchen so you'll probably hear about my exploits and experiments. I'm also addicted to Pinterest, and will hopefully actually attempt some of the "DIY" ideas I've pinned and will want to show them off. There may also be a little bit about my work (though not much because we had to sign a policy about sharing too much on the internet) and a little bit about my struggle to have a baby.

I suppose that's enough of an introduction. Welcome to my life.

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