Friday, September 21, 2012

Making Changes

I started Body by Vi this week. I needed to do something to help myself get healthy, and a friend had started and was really enjoying it so I thought, "why not?" It really appealed to me. I struggle with eating vegetables and I know that on a regular basis I'm not getting all the vitamins and nutrients my body needs. The nice thing about these shakes (and that's basically what the program is, replacing two meals a day with these shakes) is that they have almost all the vitamins and nutrients in them. And I feel good after drinking them. I'm only on day 4 but so far I'm enjoying it. I'll admit, drinking my lunch isn't nearly as satisfying as eating it, but I do find that I'm staying full and energized.

In my experience the first week is always the easiest. I'm all full of motivation and eager to feel/see results. The real test will be if I can keep the momentum up next week. Plus I need to start getting in more physical activity. I've been making better suppers and making good snack choices as well. I want to make changes I can live with. I know that a "diet" isn't the answer. I need a life style change. And I'm hoping I'm on my way!


  1. Well, good luck with it! I'm also struggling with what to eat, how to get vitamins and nutrients, etc. I live a very stressful life at times and just lose all the inspiration to cook, which is a problem. But I really need to work on my eating habits because I'm not doing good.
    I found your blog at Always like finding new blogs to read!

  2. Hi cousin! I love your blog layout. What do the shakes taste like?

  3. Apparently the shakes taste like cake mix if you mix the powder with just milk but they have a ton of different recipes you can try with different fruit combinations and things. They actually taste really good!