Thursday, January 17, 2013

Essie Reptile Magnetic Polish

For years and year I was a nail biter. Then my ex-sister-in-law took one of those courses to do gel nails and I got my nails done for free. I left them on for a while, and my nails grew underneath. When I had them removed my nails were yucky and brittle, but, they were there. So babied them and babied them and now I actually have nails. And, after years of not having nails to paint I've developed a mild obssession with nail polish. (Luckily, I sell Avon so I get a lot of it for pretty cheap.)

For Christmas Jonathan thought he'd buy me a couple "fancy" bottles of nail polish. One of them was the Essie "Snake it Up" magnetic nail polish. I was super excited to try it but hadn't had the time to spend on it. Yesterday I found an Essie base coat and top coat at the drugstore for $2.50 each and I figured it was a sign that it was time to do a full Essie manicure.

Unfortunately, in the end, I was disappointed. I didn't realize I would have to do each nail as soon as I painted it in order for it to be wet enough to work. The instructions on the display said that I needed to hold the magnet over it for 8 seconds for it to work. Eight seconds wasn't long enough. And, even when I held it on longer, it still didn't work on every nail. And I kept trying to get the magnet as close as possible to see if that would help and I ended up smudging the polish. It's a very pretty blue colour, so I'm sure I'll use it again, but probably not with the magnet.

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