Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday afternoon stroll

One of my favourite things about our house is the series of pathways that run behind and around it. We're in an older residential area that has two elementary schools and a junior high within walking distance. Rather than the kids walking on the road the geniuses who developed our neighbourhood included a series of connecting pathways to make the trip to school safer and shorter. Only a portion of the paths are maintained during the winter, but enough people use them on a day to day basis that they're pretty clear. The path is great for walking Daisy - lots of things to see and smell, and she's not doing her "business" on someone's front lawn.

I had really wanted to take Daisy and go on a bit of an adventure today. The weather is even mild enough that we wouldn't have had to bundle up too much. Unfortunately, the mild weather means everything is melting too and there's water everywhere. We decided to put our winter adventure on hold til next weekend. That meant I didn't get to play with my new camera alot, but I did snap a couple pictures to tide myself over.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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