Monday, February 4, 2013

Weekend Update

I'll be honest, I don't have much of a social life. Hubby and I are both very much home-bodies. But, I have to stop comparing myself to other bloggers and remember that this is my life and as long as I'm happy with it (which I am) than it's okay. I decided to the Weekend Update link-up with Sami even though my weekend was pretty boring. :-)

When I got home from work on Friday I decided I was too tired to make supper so I sent Jonathan to The Battered Fish to get us some fish and chips for supper. They make they best fish and chips I've ever had. It's both good and bad that they've opened up right around the corner... After supper I decided to try out a new nail polish colour I got in my last Avon order. I've been looking for the perfect turquoise for months and I finally found it. I'm pretty impressed with the Essie topcoat I got on clearance a couple weeks back - no chips even after my day on cash.

Saturday I worked 8 to 5. (Just like pretty much every Saturday.) It was crazy busy though, they were forecasting a snow storm plus people were picking up things for their Super Bowl parties. I ended up spending a big chunk of my day on cashing ringing people through. I'm actually not on cash very often so it was kind of weird. My day went really fast though! Saturday night hubby made supper and then we both relaxed on the couch with our books. I love that hubby is turning into a reader.
We had quite the snow storm on Sunday so church services were cancelled. We should have tried to be productive but instead we finished watching season 2 of Body of Proof, took Daisy on a couple snowy walks, and I wasted tons of time on Pinterest. Neither of us are football fans so in the evening I convinced Jonathan to watch Pitch Perfect with me. I was worried it wouldn't be as funny the second time around, but it definitely was.
Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


  1. mmm the fish and chips look delish! Love that nail polish color too :) I'll have to look into that Essie topcoat. The one I have now isn't that great with preventing chipping.

    The bf and I are pretty much homebodies too. People at work will always ask what I did over the weekend and I never know what to say. "I went on the internet and cooked and cleaned and watched TV"? lol!

    I've been dying to watch Pitch Perfect!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good weekend to me - and I just love the colour of your nail polish.

    Kate x

  3. Wow! So much snow!!
    We are also quite much homebodies, at least in the winter when there isn't much music stuff going on.