Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My weekend recap

So, I'm a day late, but I actually had a pretty great weekend.

Friday night Jonathan and I decided we needed a date night. My new job is still going well, but I'm exhausted at the end of every day. (Not so much physically as mentally.) We got some gift cards for Christmas for restaurants and the movies so the plan was to head to Boston Pizza and then up to the movie theatre to see either Oz or Identity Thief. Unfortunately we only made it to dinner. By the time I got home from work, and got ready it was later than we thought it would be. And of course there was a wait at BP. So by the time we finished eating we would have had to see a late movie and I still had to get up and work on Saturday. Even though we didn't get to the movie it was still nice to get out and relax over a meal that someone else prepared and cleaned up.

Saturday was a pretty steady day at work. I'm still trying to make things my own, plus do all the day to day stuff, so time is flying. We had signed up to play floor hockey at the church Saturday nights but missed the first two weeks. Jonathan was really looking forward to going this week, but truthfully I was dreading it. Driving home in the car I ran through all of the excuses I could use to get out of it. I got home though and Jonathan had cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed and made supper. Plus he bought me a beautiful necklace because he knew I had a couple stressful weeks. How could I not go to floor hockey now, especially when he was so looking forward to it?

So off we went to floor hockey. We go to a pretty small church so the floor hockey group was a mix of ages; from Jonathan's uncle to 10-year-old Emily and every age in between. In the end I was so glad I had gone. One, I need more physical activity in my life. (I'm definitely a couch potato.) And two, it was fun. We laughed and made jokes and no one took the game too seriously. At "half time" we all had fruit punch and rice krispy squares like a big group of kids. I can't wait for this week.

Sunday morning was church of course, but then, since the weather seemed to be turning spring-like, Jonathan and I decided to take Daisy out for a walk. She loved being in the new SUV, she had tons more space in the back but she could still get up close to us. We tried out a new path and Daisy loved it. Sunday evening was church, groceries, and the Amazing Race. And I was happy with how the race turned out too.

Pretty much a perfect weekend I think.

Hope everyone's week got off to a great start! I'm heading out for lunch with my old boss and then off to work. Hopefully I'll have an chance to get some posts scheduled this week.

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