Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I like my job, I like my co-workers and I love my boss. But, I'm ready to move up. I've finished my "training" and I'm ready to move from my position as an assistant department manager to a department manager's position. Unfortunately, there aren't any available in my district currently. (I could move across the country and get a position easily apparently, but that's not really an option.) There are also a lot of other individuals who are ready to move up. I don't know how many exactly, and where I fit on the list in terms of seniority. And it sucks. And I'm not good at waiting.

I used my slow cooker again yesterday for supper. And again, I loved having supper 90% ready when I walked in the door, but I wasn't super fussy on the recipe. I made crock pot cheesy chicken and I was expecting something like mac and cheese with chicken. It wasn't as cheesy as I had been hoping for and the sauce wasn't as thick as I expected. Probably not something I would make again, but not bad for a quick supper.

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