Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Poor blog has been a little bit neglected. I promised myself I was going to blog every day and then I realized that I don't have enough to write about to write every day.

The big excitement right now is that my husband started a new job this week. It actually happened rather suddenly. He had been unhappy with his current company for a couple months but we were hesitant to start exploring other options. He had been with this company for six years and enjoyed the work he was doing there. Unfortunately there were some issues with his manager and then they came out with their schedule for the holidays and we were stunned. They were closing Christmas Eve, but if the guys wanted to get paid they needed to take a vacation day. I work Christmas Eve so hubby would have worked if given the chance. And then they were going to be open regular hours New Year's Eve which meant he'd be working until midnight. He's a machinist - not a doctor, or a paramedic, or a fire fighter. A machinist. Why they felt that they needed to be open until midnight New Year's Eve I'll never understand. Anyway, that was when we knew it was time to explore some other options.

Jonathan ended up applying for a manager's position at another machine shop. He didn't have all of the qualifications they were looking for, but we decided it couldn't hurt. His interview lasted over an hour. In the end they didn't offer him the management position, but they did offer him a position as a machinist with a small raise. They also offered him straight days Monday to Friday and promised to work with him to get some more training. (Training that he had been promised at the old shop but that had never materialized.)

We didn't want to burn any bridges so hubby gave a little over two weeks notice at the old shop even though the new shop wanted him asap and even though it meant another week of three to midnight shifts. He gave his notice on a Wednesday and then worked Thursday and Friday. When he got to work that Monday he was told that his final day would be that Friday instead of the following one. Fortunately when he called the new shop they were okay with him starting a week earlier, and we weren't exactly disappointed that he didn't have to work the three to midnight week, but it was a little annoying.

Wow, all that to say that I'm so proud of him for being brave enough and trusting enough to get out of a bad situation and that I love seeing him so much happier. Things are going well at the new shop and I'm loving having my husband home with me for supper every night.

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