Friday, October 12, 2012

Who am I?

My blog has been rather neglected. I find I'm struggling a bit for a couple reasons. One is that life is (for the most part) really good right now.

When I used to blog it was a lot of whining/complaining/ranting about work and occasionally other things. I'm not really allowed to rant about work (they had us sign a social media policy...) but even if I could there wouldn't be a lot to rant about. My direct manager is awesome, we get along super well and have very similar ways of managing. My store manager is a great guy, but he doesn't seem to be there very often. And our customers are actually good. The occasional crazy but it's actually pretty rare. Some of my staff don't have quite the work ethic I would like them to have, but there's no one who drives me totally batty.

Plus I used to talk about boys a lot. And now there's only one boy in my life and he's a great husband. He does the laundry, doesn't snore, doesn't leave dirty clothes in the bathroom (that's actually more my thing...), cleans out the kitty litter box, and doesn't complain when supper is frozen pizza for the third time in a week. He's great with my family, and I love his family. We are struggling to conceive (we've been off birth control for two years now and are waiting to get into the infertility clinic in Halifax) but we are still both confident that when it's the right time it will happen. It definitely sucks, but it hasn't been putting any real stress or strain on our relationship.

The other thing I think I struggle with is why I have this blog, what my purpose is. When I was younger I didn't have a purpose and neither did the blogs I read. Now I feel like every blog has a raison d'etre - it's a fashion blog, or a mommy blog, or a baking blog... And I'm not a fashionista (I wear a uniform every day...), I'm not a mommy, and while I enjoy baking I follow recipes EXACTLY and do EXACTLY what they say. I don't understand the mechanics of it enough to have real advice or opinions.

So, you're probably wondering why I even have a blog. I enjoy it. I enjoy writing. I love it in fact. Every so often I even decide that I'm going to write a novel. (I even have one mapped out in my head and in notes on my phone.) I missed blogging when I didn't have my blog. But now that I have it again I just don't know exactly what I'm supposed to do with it....


  1. There is this opinion that a "real" blog SHOULD be niched, and I don't agree with that. I like the type of blog where teh blogger is sharing stuff from their life, not for anything else than for the love of writing and sharing. I think there are very few niched blogs that actually are interesting and stay interesting.. I like the variation of general life blogs. So don't worry about that! Keep writing!

  2. Funny, I lost my interest in blogging a while ago, but started up again. Now I blog more because I have an aim:

    1. Make money from advert revenue (only a little, but it pays for the hosting)
    2. Record my progress with my health
    3. Record my progress with my home brewing (beer)
    4. Record recipes and ideas I have so I won't lose / forget them
    5. To share technical knowledge with problems I've had in my job (IT guy)

    Hope that helps you refocus. At very least, you can use it to reflect on yourself ;o)