Monday, January 28, 2013

Layout woes...

I've decided I want a new layout.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy one. :-(

Which sucks, because I would absolutely love to have someone design one just for me. I even know who I'd get to do it, (the loveley Melanie from Adorability Designs if you're curious) but unfortunately $75 for a blog layout is just not in the budget right now. Plus, I used to be somewhat good at designing blog layouts and doing basic HTML coding so I figure maybe I should try and give it a go myself.

All that to say, things may look a little wonky over the next couple hours as I play with things.

EDIT: Okay, this is as good as it gets for now. Need to come up with more of a plan...


  1. It looks nice! There are some more affordable themes on, I think the Blogger themes are even cheaper than the WP themes, I've bought a few from there. Lately most themes look to be mainly made for business blogs though :(

  2. LOVE the chevron (it is my favorite!) I've been itching for a new blog design as husband keeps telling me that he'll help code but we're going on about 6 months now and it's still the same. I'm shocked you found one for $75 -- all the ones I found were hundreds of dollars! But I also think that there are more affordable versions for Blogger vs. Wordpress. Good luck with jumping back into design and code!