Monday, January 7, 2013

My addiction

I am addicted to Pinterest.

I'm sure I'm not alone either. I love checking out all the recipes and crafts, all the cleaning and organizational tips, all the random Harry Potter posts... I love it all. However, despite my multitude of pins, I've made very little from Pinterest. I did a couple nail tutorials, and I've used a couple recipes. I did make a few Christmas tree ornaments this year, based on this pin, but for the most part I never make anything I pin.

I've decided that needs to change, and so I went out and bought myself a can of spray-on chalkboard paint and I am attempting to make a cookie sheet chalkboard for my kitchen. So far Jonathan has drilled the holes, and I've given it one coat of paint. And this pin inspired me to pick up some primer and start thinking about finally refinishing the dresser we've been using as storage in the dining room. (I haven't actually started painting it yet, but I'm getting there. :-) )

I am ridiculously excited about my projects, and I've already decided that almost everyone on my Christmas list is getting a home-made gift next year. I figure I better start them soon though, otherwise I may lose all my "new year" motivation!

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