Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chocolate Waffles = Breakfast of Champions

When we first got married Jonathan and I felt it was important for us to start some of our own Christmas traditions. We decided that we would have waffles on Christmas morning for breakfast. The first two years we bought frozen Belgian waffles and did them in the oven Christmas day and then had them with whipped cream and fruit. Last Christmas Jonathan bought me a waffle maker for Christmas and I was so excited. Now we can have home-made waffles every Christmas and I love it. I love that we have our own tradition that is separate from our families' traditions. I think that's important in a marriage. (Little bit of marriage advice there I guess...)

We don't only have waffles on Christmas morning though. On rare mornings off together we like to do a big breakfast. Sometimes it's eggs benedict, or sometimes just eggs and bacon, but a lot of the time we opt for home-made waffles. This morning (in keeping with my New Year's resolution) I tried a new recipe and we made chocolate waffles. We topped them with chocolate chips, whipped cream, and powdered sugar. They were really tasty, not overly chocolate-y, but very decadent and sweet. Maybe not the healthiest start to our day though...

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  1. Hi there! I love your Christmas waffle husband and I did something rather similar. This was our first Christmas as a married couple so we did the whole breakfast thing too -- only with cinnamon rolls/buns. Yum! I completely agree with the need to start your own traditions separate from the ones you may have done with your family. The Hubs and I have been talking about so many ideas -- maybe we'll have to share notes and ideas this year!! LOL Cheers!