Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Swap!

I was lucky enough to participate in Kimmie's blogger book swap. As I've mentioned I love reading. And I'm trying to grow my blog and meet new bloggers. It was perfect!

I was partnered with Sara at This = My Experience. We exchanged emails back and forth and discovered that we both enjoyed a lot of the same books. I really enjoyed having the chance to get to know another blogger.

My book arrived today. There is nothing like coming home from work to a pretty package. And, it was perfect timing. I just finished Changeling by Philippa Gregory at lunch today.

Sara chose to send me The Hobbit which I'm very excited about. I read it ages and ages ago but have been planning a re-read for quite a while. And then when we saw the movie I knew I had to re-read it before the next part is released.

Thanks Sara!

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  1. Cool! I've never read those books but only seen the movies.