Saturday, February 2, 2013


For a long time I tried to pretend I was too good for reality TV. I watched "Idol" but that was it. Recently I realized the truth is that I LOVE reality TV. Not all of it of course. Honey Boo Boo certainly doesn't appeal to me, but a number of other reality shows do.
I love love love watching What Not to Wear. So much so that I'd really like to be nominated, if they ever did a Canadian version. And I would really love to have Ted do my hair and Carmindy show me how to do my make-up. I'm pretty sure I have a crush on Gordon Ramsay, and therefore I'll watch anything with him in it. Kitchen Nightmares, Master Chef, Hell's Kitchen, Hotel Hell... Doesn't matter, I'll watch it. (Master  Chef is my favourite though.) And truthfully, as ridiculous as it is, Storage Wars is my guilty pleasure. I used to do something else when hubby was watching it (read or play on Pinterest or even wash dishes!) but I think I enjoy it just as much as he does now. Some of the stuff they find in those lockers absolutely blows me away! I watch American Idol almost every season, and hubby and I both really enjoy watching The Amazing Race.
I'm not sure why I was such a TV snob. I still think there are some really ridiculous reality shows on TV, and some that are actually kind of disturbing. (That strange addictions one? Eww.) I can't imagine only watching reality TV, but my DVR would be pretty empty without it.
Do you have any reality shows you watch regularly? Or am I the only one?

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  1. I also love Masterchef, but at them moment my favourite has to be The Bachelor....

    Found you via BBN and now following on Bloglovin.

    Kate x