Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wife to Wife Link-Up - The In-Law Edition

I have to admit that things started out a little bit rocky with my in-laws. For the first two years we were dating Jonathan actually didn't tell them about me. There were a couple different reasons, none of which really matter now. We even broke up about it (for about two hours) at one point. Apparently they asked him if he was dating me, and he denied it. (And yes, I still married him.) The "secret" ended with a confrontation between his mom and I at my checkout at work. It wasn't pretty, but truthfully it needed to happen.
I have a great relationship with my in-laws now. I actually consider myself lucky in that department. There's nothing they wouldn't do for us, and I enjoy spending time with them. We have dinner together every Sunday and my mother-in-law and I chat for hours. Jonathan often jokes that I know more about what's going on with his family than he does. (And he's probably right.)

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  1. I also had a rocky relationship with my in laws in the beginning but in the end everything worked out.

    Thanks for linking up with Kelly and I!