Wednesday, July 24, 2013

These are memories people!

You know how in the movie Can't Hardly Wait Melissa Joan Hart's character runs around with her year book getting indignant because people don't seem to grasp its importanc? "These are memories people!" she shouts at one point. Well, that's me. Sort of.

I love pictures. I always have. I was the first one of my friends to have a digital camera. Our teenage years are mainly immortalized in my photo albums. I still love taking pictures and think that they're a wonderful way to preserve memories. I take my camera almost everywhere and my phone is full of pictures of my family. (Especially my fur babies.)

When I was a kid my parents took us to get our pictures done professionally (usually at Sears) every year just before Christmas so they could mail out family photos with their Christmas cards. As my brother and I got older (and less cute) the pictures became infrequent. Now, every year, I drag my husband to get professional pictures taken.

He put up with the engagement photos and the wedding photos, but the next summer I decided I wanted a family photo that included the cat. Eventually he gave in and off we went to a studio downtown. The pictures turned out great but it was traumatic for all three of us. (Plus we paid a ridiculous amount for the pictures, and waited far too long to get them back.) The following year I searched for a photographer that would come to our house and I found Tammy.

We've now had photos done by Tammy five times now, and I've never been disappointed. Her prices are super reasonable and she is the least pretentious person you will ever meet. My husband hates having his picture taken, but you'd never be able to tell from looking at the finished product.  I always feel like more than a client with Tammy.

I highly recommend having portraits done professionally on regular basis. I don't think it's an investment you'll ever regret.

And those of you in the Halifax area should definitely consider having Tammy ( take your next family photos! (You can find her on Facebook too.)

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