Thursday, January 31, 2013

Follow me maybe?

Trying to figure out how to get more followers. Working on a couple different ideas. Signed up for Better Blogger Network, trying to do a variety of link-ups, finding new blogs & commenting on them... Then I realized, it's hard to get followers if there's no way for people to follow me. (Ooops.) So I added the Google Friend Connect widget and I'm inviting you to follow my blog with Bloglovin. That being said, I'm not blogging just to get "followers." I enjoy it, I want to meet people and make friends. I am looking for suggestions though, how did you grow your blog?


  1. I don't know if my previous comment went through. If it did, feel free to delete it (or this one).
    I don't do the followers thing but I like to see people read and leave comments, and come back to my blog, which to me is the true following. However, I do have a Bloglovin and RSS button. I've gained some new readers lately and that's nice. I think it's mainly because I've been visiting and commenting on other blogs a lot, and added my link to some directories. The ones I think make most sense are iblog4me and Listenup. I was at Better Blogger Network but didn't like it, and people there didn't care about my blog anyway. However, I've found a few blogs there that I like, so I sometimes visit just to go through the members list and find new blogs to read.
    Something is changed either with iOS or Blogger's comment form, I can't comment on Blogger blogs from the ipad/iphone anymore unless people are using Disqus for comments :(

  2. If you get any good tips/suggestions please do share!! I'd like to work on increasing my connections too and the only way I've been doing it is through link-ups (which have found me a few great regulars like yourself) but nothing that is spiking the charts yet. Hopefully someone spills their secret!