Saturday, January 12, 2013

Love life

My goals I set for 2013 were things I want to do to improve myself.

Reading more and watching more movies seems a little silly in that sense, but I think spending time on actitivities like those will help me become a more rounded individual. They'll give me things to talk about and help me relate more to other people.

Fifty new recipes will help me become a better cook/baker and a better wife. My husband deserves more home-cooked meals. And while I don't believe that women belong in the kitchen or anything that, I do want to take care of my husband to the best of my ability.

Obviously eating better and exercising more will help me become a healthier individual. Being healthier will give me more energy and again, help me be a better wife but also hopefully a better friend. I want to have the energy to go out after work and on my day off instead of feeling like I need to use that time to catch up on sleep.

I've thought a little more about my goals and plans for 2013. I want to do a couple other things for me. I'd like to take more pictures. Pictures with an actual camera, not just my Blackberry. I also want to feel better about myself. I think if I do manage to eat healthy and exercise it will definitely help, but even as a "plus size" girl I can still look fashionable. I need to learn how to do that though, and how to do it on a budget. (Suggestions?)  I want to be more organized as well - I had a rare Saturday off today and spent the entire day doing laundry and cleaning my house. I've seen lots of pins on Pinterest about weekly cleaning lists and how to keep your house clean just by spending 20 minutes a day working on it.

There are things I want to happen this year - I want to get pregnant, and I want a promotion. But I have to  remember that those things will happen in their own time and I need to continue living my life.

I think I could sum all my resolutions up that I way - this year my resolution, my ultimate goal, is to live my life and to love my life.

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