Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Thursday Thoughts 
  • How is it that there is only one day of May left? I seriously don't understand where this year has gone. I started out the year with so many goals and plans and I feel like I haven't accomplished anything over the past five months. I better get cracking if I'm going to get all the books read and movies watched I wanted to. I think I've given up on recipes.
  • I managed to get my first sun burn of the season yesterday. It was the first really nice, really sunny, really warm day we've had all spring so Daisy and I went and spent the morning on my parents' deck. Someday I'll learn that I need to wear sun screen... Hopefully before I end up with skin cancer or something.
  • I really need a new blog layout. But I don't really know what I want, and I can't really afford to pay for one. I was hoping my brother was going to get me Paint Shop or Photo Shop for my birthday so I could make my own again but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Should have gotten it for myself instead of getting my hair done. (My hair does look pretty adorable though.)
  • I need to learn to take constructive criticism better. I had a visit from a "specialist" at work last week and it didn't go nearly as well as I would have liked. I took it really personally and went home quite upset. I'm used to being good at what I do, and I'm not used to be the person in-charge. Going to be a bit of an adjustment, but I just have to buckle down and make the changes she asked me to and remember that it wasn't a personal attack and that she was trying to help.
  • Jonathan and I have discovered Sherlock. I have a really short attention span, so 90 minute episodes were an adjustment, but I highly recommend it. It's something a bit different. We're starting season 2 now and I'm pretty excited.
  • I need to stop watching cooking shows. We love Hell's Kitchen, and now Master Chef has started too. And we're watching Top Chef Canada. All I want to do when I watching them is eat! But I'm totally addicted...

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